Tiana Oreglia


The Workshop Academy

Video game character design 2022

The Animation Collaborative
Advanced character design

Sheridan College
BAA animation

MICA (Maryland institute college of art)
2012 (attended for a semester) 


Valve Corporation

Contract artist


Freelance contract artist

  • Designing and illustrating for various clients and projects. 
  • Clients include: Ann Williams Group, LLC, Pinrose Perfume

Short Sleeve Studio
Lead character designer for Voodoo Detective

  • Designing original concepts for the characters
  • Draw over and correct work of other artists to keep everything on model
  • Provide turnarounds, expression sheets, and costume changes for the characters
  •  Provide variations and iterations of designs

Warner Bros. Animation internship
(green eggs & ham Netflix)

June 2016- August 2016

  •  Organized storyboards, scripts, and artwork (using flix, shotgun, and final draft)
  •   Gather specific references for artists to use.

Volunteer work

Day of the Devs 2022

Staff Volunteer


  • English
  • some Russian


  •  Strong concept and design skills.     
  •  Solid understanding of anatomy and perspective and solid drawing of props, backgrounds and characters.      
  • Good understanding of 2d animation principles with some experience in 2d rigging and3d.    
  •  Collaborating with other artists to create unique and interesting designs. 
  • Has a strong will to grow as an artist and is willing to take on tough projects and challenges

Software Proficiency

  •      Working experience with Flix, shotgun, and final draft.
  •     Proficient in Photoshop, toonboom, TVpaint, flash, paint tool sai, after effects, and premiere.
  •      Some experience in Maya, mudbox, and blender.
Using Format